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Lata de lixo inteligente

R$ 240,00
Descrição do produto

13-16L Smart Sensor USB Rechargeable Automatic Trash Can Kitchen Living Room Bathroom Home Induction Garbage Bin


Intelligent induction, IPX5 waterproof, low-consumption and energy-saving charging, silent and silent damping, sealed to block odors. 0.3S quick turn on, 7S automatically turns off when the hand feels or the object leaves, three modes are turned on, wave hand sensing, knee bending sensing, and the button is always open.


1. Please use the 5V adapter to complete the charging. When plugged into the power supply, the red light will be displayed, and the green light will be turned to complete the charging. (For battery models, please purchase AA batteries for installation)

Second, turn on the power: long press the power button and release it when the green light flashes.

3. Open the lid by hand, press the OPEN/CLOSE button, the lid is opened, press it again, the lid is closed. (Hand press to open, must be manually closed)

4. Infrared induction, gently shake the hand about 10cm-20cm above the induction area, the cover will automatically open, and it will automatically close after 5s.

5. Kick function: kick the barrel body, the lid will automatically open, and it will automatically close after 5S.

6, Turn off the power: long press the power button, the red light flashes to release.


material: plastic

Color: white orange gray

Size: 13L 14.5*26.5*26.5cm 16L 15*30*30cm

Main use: household trash can, smart home

Package include:

1*Smart Trash Can/1Bag=5Rolls=100Pcs/75Pcs Trash Bag

Special Note:

Quality assurance, please do not refer to low-priced inferior products, one-time purchase, lifetime use

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